Monday, November 1, 2010

Restaurant Review-Rathbun's

I went out with my usual group of Foodies to Rathbun's. While navigating  through empty warehouses and dilapidated structures I was almost thinking of heading back home. Driving to this restaurant was SCARY !!. Until, I entered the restaurant and it was all good. We were told that the dining room is a one-hundred year old renovated wine cellar. The exposed wall and the tasteful decor is very chic. Word of caution: DO NOT sit in the center of the dining room. You'll have to shout across the table. Not fun.

Moving to the food, we got two sets of menus. One is the usual fare and the other is handwritten daily specials. How neat !
My litmus test for any good restaurant is the bread. If the bread is good, chances are that the food will make me happy. When the bread came out it was moist and very flavorful. Good start for the evening.
For the main course, I ordered three of the small plates just because I wanted to sample more than one dish.  It was a smart strategy. My first small plate was this super thin cracker like flat bread with prosciutto, cipollini onions and pink peppercorn honey. One bite and the angels were singing. Beautiful flavors yet very light and not too sweet. For my second plate, I was waiting for the smoked salmon toastada. Perfectly tasty. My third small plate was crab cake tart. The sauce was divine, the tart shell was super buttery and the crab cake filing was yum.

It was time for the desserts. Like always, we ordered almost the entire dessert menu. By far, rice pudding was the best one of the lot. Others were kinda forgettable.

Overall, food was fabulous but the desserts were strictly OK.

112 Krog Street, Ste R
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Enjoy the pictures!

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