Monday, September 5, 2011

Ukadiche Modak- Ganpati Bappa Morya

 I first experimented with  ukadiche modak  when I was pregnant. I insanely craved for these soft, sweet and steamed dumplings. Having never made modak before and having heard enough horror stories about making these yummy treats, I was skeptical about my success. After much thinking, my cravings won !!! And there I was with a big batch of Ukad and  sweetened coconut filing. Long story short, that day I feasted on  a plateful of  little balls that did not look like conventional modak at all but the taste was heavenly, I tell you.  Moral of the story,  yes the shape is difficult to master but don't let it deter you. Give it a try. Ofcourse, never forget the magic of  a good mould. Note to myself, get a modak mould on my next trip from India

Modaks are usually eaten during Ganesh Chaturthi, however there is no rule not to make these delightful parcels to celebrate your special day.

Here is my mom's recipe :

Ukad ( White dumpling cover)
1 cup of rice flour
1 cup of water
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp ghee

2 cups of grated coconut ( frozen)
1 cup of grated jaggery
1 tsp roasted poppy seeds
1/2 tsp rice flour
1 tsp ghee
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
chopped almonds, cashew nuts and raisins optional
pinch of salt

To make the filing:
In a microwave safe glass bowl, mix grated coconut and jaggery. Heat at high for 3 minutes. The jaggery will start to melt. Add all the other ingredients and microwave for another 3 minutes until the mixture is dry and smells amazing. Set aside to cool

To make  Ukad:
 Bring water to boil. Add salt and ghee. Slowly add rice flour and stir.  Sprinkle some water, cover and let the dough steam for a minute. Empty the dough on a plate and while warm ( take care not to burn yourself) knead until the dough becomes soft and pliable. Cover with a damp towel.

To assemble the dumplings:
1) Here is a simple trick, break out a small amount of dough and place it between two plastic sheets. The dough is so soft that if you place a flat bottom plate with enough pressure, the dough rolls out into even thickness. This is much easier than the traditional way to  shape the dough with your fingers.

2) Grease your palms well. Hold the rolled out dough in the cup of your hand. Spoon 3/4 tsp of the filing in the dough cup. Oil your fingers. Pinch folds on the side. Bring all the pleats together to close the opening with a peak.

3) Steam the dumplings for 15 minutes. I used an Idli steamer but you can use a pressure cooker without weights or a bamboo steamer.

 How to eat  Modak: you need instructions for that ..!!!


  1. That is an easy way to make modaks Neelam. just inspired to make some for my little ganpati!

    Ashish Chogle

  2. Hey thanks for the comment Ashish...Good to hear from you....hope the little one is doing well

  3. woww ..looks heavenly good and i need to try them

  4. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...MUST EAT NOW!