Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toddler Lunch 17

Today's Daycare Lunch bag:

Snack # 1 Cut up  juicy pear and yummy raspberries.

Snack #2: Couple madeleines and dried cranberries. Madelines are little french cookie & cake combo that is simply delish. Definitely not a healthy snack but its ok once in a while! I got these Madelines from Costco. Yummy

Lunch: Quesadilla ( Chapatti) stuffed with ricotta and a mixture of sauted spices, spring onions, spinach and red bell pepper. I drizzled some honey. This makes the quesadilla stick together and also makes it more tasty for a toddler.  For adults, skip the honey and add some fried onions instead...yum


  1. I tried ur earlier Quesadilla yesterday - yummmmmy.Thanks for recipe and keep sharing!!!

  2. I'll probably try this either tonite or tomorrow...sounds yumm!! almost like a paneer paratha!

  3. @ Honey...Thank you so much for the feedback.
    @ Aru... your comments make my day. Thank you