Thursday, August 26, 2010

Toddler Lunch 2

Todays Daycare Lunch Bag Yummies:

Snack#1 Cut up banana, fig, raspberries ( Need to finish a big tub of berries) and cheese stick.

Snack#2 Roasted Pistachios and shankarpali ( Y's grandmother mailed it from India ONLY for him. Seriously, there was a note on the bag ' ONLY FOR Y---'

Lunch: Sweet potato paratha with lots of dhania, pinch of garam masala, cumin corrainder powder and lemon salt. To dip the paratha, cool yogurt with chat masala.


  1. Wow!!!Love your lunch ideas..Keep them coming please.

  2. @ Keep The Faith...Thanks for the comment. I am surprised and glad that someone is reading my posts.

  3. My earlier post didn't go through so here I am typing it again. This blog is so good that I am going to try and comment on every post so you don't stop
    I am going to check out those figs from publix. But in any case V will be having shankerpalis for snack( they were open territory but the besan ladoo was ONLY for V)
    btw I make cutlets sometimes with the idea from u. With spinach, carrots sweet potato, sprouted moong and anything healthy that I can find. I add garlic , cumin powder, garam masala. Coat them in bread crumbs and shallow fry them.
    I asked V yesterday if he wanted some and he looked at me smiled and said mama " mmmyummmy". I was thrilled. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. @ have no idea how happy it makes me to see a comment from you and everyone ..truly. Y likes the cutlets too. I'll make them next week and post a picture. Feeding these toddlers is tougher than I thought...I am hoping that this sharing will help all of us. Again, keep the comments coming!

  5. I am always greatly inspired by you...Figs is a good idea didnt think abt it before... I did try the sweet potato paratha but just not my cup of tea:( I am thinking mashing the potato in the flour and trying it tht way ..will keep u posted...

  6. How do you keep the cut bananas from turning brown? Any suggestions? I have tried using lemon juice but G doesn't like the sour taste on the bananas